Security with Connectivity

Connectivity utilizes the most current equipment and standards, along with trusted manufactures to bring you the best possible security solutions for your specific needs. Each system is custom tailored by our design team to guarantee that you are getting the best safety possible for your space and needs. Whether it be access controls, intrusion, or video management and camera system, Connectivity will provide you with the best solution.

Access Control:

Not all doors are made to be opened by just anyone, and at Connectivity, we understand the needs of all business to have secured areas of operation. From secured storage to building and facility access management, Connectivity can cover all of your access needs. Connectivity provides cutting edge, custom solutions to all access control needs. Covering basic card access to elevator controls to globally linked sites, Connectivity can provide all of your access control solutions with our Keri Systems Partnership. Keri systems provides cutting edge hardware and software while utilizing industry standard Mercury firmware to build the best possible access control system for your project. With Keri's Doors.Net software and user interface, even the most complicated systems are easy to navigate and use.


We know you can't always be at your property to monitor the security of your premises. With Connectivity and Bosch, we can provide you with the peace of mind you need to keep your business running and completely secured. Our team custom designs each system to our clients needs. When integrated with access controls and video management, you can not only know that your business is safe, you can verify activity on site 24/7.

Video Management and Camera Systems:

Are you concerned with theft, accident investigations, claims and recovery, or personal analytics for personnel or material tracking? Would you like to be able to have the piece of mind to know that you can watch any aspect of your facility at any time? If so, Connectivity has the perfect solution in video management and camera systems. We have partnered with Hanwha/Techwin (Samsung) to provide cutting edge video systems, tailor made to your needs. Hanwha/Techwin has been at the industry forefront for video and camera systems for over 10 years. Hanwha provides superior hardware, software, firmware, and analytics when compared to even the best know manufactures of cameras and VMS solutions. Connectivity's custom design, superior customer service, and extensive knowledge allows us to maximize this partnership and bring you the best video management system possible for your needs. When integrated with intrusion and access control, you will have peace of mind that comes with complete security while accessing any system 24/7.

ASLB BPM #  008735P8