Not To Be Heard!

Sound masking is important in today’s world where more and more people are working in cubicles within large open spaces.

Every space is unique.  Businesses want an open floor plan where people can communicate and collaborate easily, this creates its own set of challenges.  The need to cover or mask speech for privacy is more and more prevalent.

Sound masking is a random sound spectrum that reduces distractions, promotes concentration, reduces stress and provides confidentiality where needed.  It is shaped specifically to cover up or mask unwanted sounds in commercial offices, medical offices, court rooms and secure facilities by bringing the background level up to a point that makes conversations unintelligible.

Connectivity has designed sound masking solutions that meet objectives for speech privacy, comfort and communication.

What We Do

  • Overhead Paging & Background Music

  • Sound Masking (white noise)

  • Wall & Ceiling mount projectors, screens TV’s and monitors

  • Conference table cabling

  • Wired & Wireless microphones