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A Call to Order!

It doesn’t take long for a server room to turn into a conglomeration of disorganized patch cords. As companies grow, go through changes and add employees adding devices to their network usually comes down to connecting patch cords in the server room with a mind set of getting the equipment up quickly.   Often this means foregoing the cable management system that is in place and just stringing the patch cords from port to port with an “I’ll fix it later” mentality.  It’s not surprising for the Director of IT to walk in the server room and all of a sudden realize that troubleshooting network
issues is virtually impossible due to the spider web of patch cords which prevents efficiently servicing the equipment.

Connectivity has had years of practice in untangling and organizing the most difficult server rooms.  Re-patching patch panels to switches, utilizing the proper wire management and the right length of patch cords will call order to chaos for future troubleshooting as well as your moves adds and changes.

We Have No Room for Growth!

Many of our clients have experienced high growth rates with not enough real estate to expand their server room. We have designed solutions that allow for additional rack space in current customer racks to accommodate for 25% to 50% growth, while maintaining an organized professional appearance.